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Let Us Pray With you and For You!

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At the Quest, we are a people who fiercely believe in the power of prayer!

In the short time we've been established as a church in Galesburg, we have seen miracles happen. We've seen people healed of cancer. We've seen tumors disappear.

We've seen miracle after miracle.

No, it's not because we are special...

Just that we stand on and confess the promises of God in our daily lives.

And we would consider it an honor to pray for you and your needs as well. You may contact us via the link here on the website, or email us at Questlife*  or phone us at 309-335-6480.

All prayer requests will be held in the strictest confidence.

We also would be happy to send you an anointed prayer cloth

free for the asking. Just let us know where to send it and we will

pray over your need anoint the prayer cloth and

mail it to you as quickly as possible. 

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