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About Oasis Ministries?

  • We are a tax-exempt (nonprofit organization) group of Spirit-filled churches and ministries recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. 

  • We are a group of ministers, fulfilling the Great Commission, whose goal is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expand the Kindom of God.

  • Oasis Ministries releases ministries into the field of harvest, whether that be here in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

  • Although Oasis Ministries 2018, Inc serves as a spiritual covering, it does not operate like other groups or denominations. We are a ministry that allows men and women to do what God has called him/her to do without a heavy hand or requiring any percentage of finances to be paid to us.

  • We are here to serve as a spiritual covering and help you to operate within the legal requirements of the IRS.

  • We are a Kingdom Ministry and do not care who gets the credit as long as the Kingdom of God is increased. 

  • We do believe in accountability and therefore require at least an annual report of ministry activities in order for the individual to maintain credentials with Oasis Ministries.  

  • We do require an interview as well as a test of basic Bible knowledge before credentialing or Ordination will be bestowed.

  • Credentials/Ordination must be renewed annually.

  • We invite you to join an organization of faith-based ministries operating under our covering that are making a difference for and in the Kingdom of God.

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