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Out Reach

Our driving force at The Quest is to take the church outside the four walls of the church building and to BE the church in the community.  Jesus did indeed teach and minister inside the temple, but most of his ministry took place outside of the temple. He taught, prayed, healed the sick and transformed lives out amongst the people.

That is our goal... Our mission...

Our Quest! 

Our Ministries

The things you will find us doing at The Quest are:

* Prayer Walks

* Treasure Hunts

* Drive-Thru Prayer

* Feeding the Hungry

* Fishers of Men

* Bible Study

*Online Bible Study

For more information and how to get involved

contact Pastor Darrell at


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Coming Soon!
Kid's Quest


Our Children's Church ministry is named "Kid's Quest."

This will be further developed as the COVID situation diminishes, 

but for now we are doing an online Kid's Quest!

To go there, click on the button below!


Join Us at The Quest

If you are ready to stop just attending church and get out of your chair and become a part of the active, living Church of the Living God, then we invite you to join us on our quest!

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