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Summer is winding down, and we are ramping up!

With summer trips and vacations coming to an end, we will be adding more activities to get to know one another and have fun with the Quest family in the autumn months.

Drive-Thru Prayer

It seems the most effective times for DTP have been the Spring and Fall months so we will be amping up our efforts from mid-August thru November. We will generally be out on the streets two times per week, possibly more. Watch the announcements and bulletin board for the schedule, which, as always is "weather permitting."

Bishop Hill Christmas Market

Mark your calendars! For those who are interested we will be going to Bishop Hill on Saturday, November 25 for their Christmas Market!

Weenie Roast

We are still working on the date and location but we wanted to make you aware that we will be having a church family weenie roast in the month of October.

Watch for more details int the coming weeks.

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