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It's amazing that we don't give a second thought to giving to a "mission project" to Africa or China, but we are prone to ignore the mission field in right outside our front door. Galesburg is a community in which more than 80% of the population does not attend any church on a regular basis. THIS is the mission field to which Libby and Darrell feel called to evangelize and they are asking for your help!

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My wife and I have returned to Galesburg, the city where we pastored for 15 years, to plant a new ministry center, which we are calling The Quest.  We've answered the call God placed on our hearts to take a new approach to ministry. We discovered that the religious statistics for Galesburg are quite eye-opening.

* 35.2% claim to be “religious” (all religions)

* 27.9% call themselves Christian

* 18.3% say they attend worship regularly

* 6.3% are Catholic

* 21.6% are Protestant

* 1.7% claim to be Pentecostal

Obviously, the message of Jesus Christ needs to be taken to the Galesburg community. More than 80% of the people of Galesburg do not attend worship regularly... and this was PRE-PANDEMIC statistics!!! One thing we see clearly through these statistics is that doing church in the traditional way has not been working in Galesburg! We are working on new ways to present the Gospel to the people of this community. 




We have been presented a golden opportunity to secure a prime location less than 3 blocks from the very heart of the downtown area on one of the busiest streets in the city. We are not able to disclose this exact location at this time due to the owner's request because this property has not been listed as available. 
The rent is very reasonable and the location and property will allow us to do much of the street type ministry which Libby and I thrive on.  In order to do this, we will need help... and that's where you come in. We are starting out with a very small group along with a few faithful supporters from outside the area who have felt the burden along with us to plant this new ministry center.  If we can raise $15,000 it will fund most of our operating expenses for a full 12 months. We are quite confident that if we can garner the assistance for 12 months, God will help us to be totally self-sufficient by the end of that year.  That $15,000 will cover rent, utilities, and insurance for one year. We've seen God move miraculously before, growing in Brookport from 12 to 80 people in less than 9 months. Again, in Danville, we saw 17 people explode to more than 100 in less than a year. With your support and the power of the Holy Ghost, we have no doubt will do it again.


Would you pray about making a donation? Whether you donate one time or make a monthly pledge as a ministry partner... or if your church would like to adopt new work as a missions project... the bottom line is we're just asking you to pray about it and do what God lays on your heart. 

I live by the motto: "Pray hard... Dream Big!"
I'm believing God for the greatest period of our ministry to be accomplished here in Galesburg!

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