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2024: The Year of Walking in the F.O.G.!

The year 2024 is going to be a special year for the people of God... His Church!

While the world around us is teetering on the brink of war, and political and economic chaos, this year is going to be a year when God's church experiences an unprecedented release of God's favor and blessing.

Throughout 2024 we will be focusing on God's Word to draw out exactly what it takes for us to "Walk in the Favor of God" (F.O.G)
and how to receive the fullness of the blessing that God wants His children to walk in as a living breathing testimony of God's love and power to a world that has rejected His offer of "Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness."

Join us at The Quest as we discover how to 
"Walk in the F.O.G."


Contact Us

The Quest

261 N Broad Street

Suite 31

Galesburg, IL 61401


The Quest is affiliated with Oasis Ministries

See the page on this site for more information about Oasis Ministries

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